• Make more money
  • Sign more clients
  • Amp up your visibility with free publicity in the media
  • Win "#1" and "Best Of" awards
  • Speak on both online & offline stages
  • Stand out from everyone else in the industry AND be able to charge premium prices


  • Blending into obscurity with every other coach
  • Spinning with no idea what to do next: build your email list? Write a book? Do webinars? Run Facebook ads?
  • Selling low-ticket items, hoping it will finally get a client in the door (it hasn't worked yet!)
  • Feeling like the key players have your niche locked down, and like it's too late to get in

This mastermind is for you, because by the end of our 6 months together, you will:

  • Have consistent client leads
  • Generate consistent cash flow
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Have Expert Status Authority
  • BE an industry influencer

What's in the Elevate to Expert Status: 6 Months from Invisible to Influencer mastermind?

  • Monthly training videos teaching you the how-tos of free publicity, visibility, and credibility to skyrocket you to expert status authority
  • Three skill-building training Q&A calls each month
  • Daily access to Lisa Simone in the private online forum. Get your questions answered quickly, ask for advice, share support, and have FUN as you engage with 20 other like-minded high-acheiving, success-oriented health, fitness & wellness entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • One LIVE mastermind (value of $897). Supercharge your PR with in-person coaching and networking with media and influencers
  • Guest expert trainings featuring high-profile business coaches, media, influencers, and more

Not a group person?

Neither was I. Until I joined my first business mastermind last January. And it’s the best experience ever – having the accountability of a community, plus being able to connect with others going through the same highs and lows as me was such a supportive experience. We bounced ideas off of one another, could come at each other’s businesses from a different perspective, and created affiliate and joint venture partnerships with one another. Never mind the networking opportunities and connections! 

This mastermind will be small and intimate. Only 20 high-achieving, success-oriented entrepreneurs will be invited in. 

I’ve been helping health, fitness and wellness entrepreneurs go from ‘unknown and underpaid’ to ‘standing out and selling out’ for over ten years, and many of my clients have worked with me for three or four years! 

My clients build expert authority status and have quit their day jobs, opened their own studios, launched online businesses, become sought-after media personalities, built award-winning businesses, created a waitlist of clients, gotten celebrity and influencer endorsements, booked speaking gigs, launched podcasts, gotten paid for their content, written books, doubled their email lists…the list goes on and on. And these aren’t one offs. They’re repeat success stories.  

Think you can't afford it right now?

I'll just cut to the chase on this one. The kind of visibility my clients get costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. And they get it for free. And the value of being ENDORSED instead of having to pay for it? Priceless. 

And turning that free exposure into attracting high-paying clients? A mathematical no brainer. 

Especially when you learn the process and can repeat it again, and again, and again, for as long as you’re in business. (Unlike ads where you need to top up the campaign every month.)  

Early bird catches the worm and gets a HUGE BONUS!

I know I don’t need to “sell” this to you. I already know that you want to gain expert status authority so that you can attract and convert your ideal client so that you can make a bigger impact and a bigger income. 

This isn’t a new formula or process that I’m ‘testing’ or ‘trying out’ with you. What you’re getting is the BEST and PROVEN strategies that me and my clients have been using on repeat for 10 years. 

You will experience what it’s like to work in a mastermind setting without the year-long time commitment or the way larger financial commitment that my private and agency clients make. 

This mastermind opportunity won’t come around again at this price point, so if ‘maybe next time around’ is the tune you tend to sing, here’s your chance to join at the lowest price point ever. 

Make sure you are one of the first 10 entrepreneurs to join and you will get an ADDITIONAL SURPRISE BONUS when you join!  

Important Dates & Details

  • The mastermind begins on January 2nd, 2018 at 1:30 p.m. EST. Calls will happen the first 3 Tuesdays of every month. Note that Jan/Feb call dates will vary, and then will be consistently on Tuesdays from March onward.
  • You will be added to the private Facebook community on January 2, 2018

I can't wait to help you become an EXPERT!